Beth, Jacob + Indie | Adventure Session

Yep, there’s something about all my friends having a dog called Indie. But oh my goodness, they are all SO different. Last time you saw Rob & Bran’s sweet, cuddly and calm golden retrieve pup called Indie. This time we have a boisterous and hyper whippet who always makes me laugh.

Beth and Jacob’s first born furchild is Indie. Soon after this shoot, he became a big brother to Obi-Wan a black and white whippet. The two are known as the Whippy Bandits on instagram and will always give you a giggle with their story tellings of their hoomans.

I’ll be photographing Beth & Jacob’s Pemberton wedding later this year and I cannot WAIT to celebrate with them and their boys. This is our little Adventure session exploring South Fremantle. I’m such a sucker for a girl with tattoos and damn Beth’s are incredible!

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