Bran, Rob + Indie | Mini Home Session

When your friends get a puppy it’s only fair you get to go over and take photos right? RIGHT! When Rob and Brandon welcomed their little golden girl Indie home, I was the first to put my hand up for a visit. Little Indie is a bundle of engery (as are all young pups) and with her fancy new house to explore and couch to conquer, we had the best time cuddling and making memories I still love to this day.

I’d love to do more sessions like this so if you’re bringing home a new bundle of fur, invite me round for some candid cuddle photos and you’ll be so glad you did because they just grow up so fast! I guarantee they will be totally pooped by the time I leave and you’ll have a good hour of productivity time that you definitely don’t get a lot of with a young bouncy pup in the house!

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